#R2BC Wednesday’s Good News Digest – Making Progress

Today is the 75th Anniversary of the, still standing, World Speed Record set by the steam train Mallard of 126mph.
To celebrate the National Railway Museum has collected together the last remaining A4 Pacific Steam Trains designed by Sir Nigel Gresley.
Things of beauty and innovation pushed to the limit in a sense of adventure. :)Definitely something to smile about.
And today’s stories speak to me of progress in all kinds of places

  • China launches online petition portal
  • Last Pilgrims rescued from Indian floods
  • Malaysian PM pledges to repeal Sedition Act
  • Irish law to allow limited abortions passes first vote
  • US & Russia making progress on Syrian Peace Talks
  • US Car manufacturers report strong sales
  • Wilko Johnson honoured by his local pub
  • Sir Walter Scott’s home reopened
  • RBS launches small business lending review
  • Osprey chicks hatch in Dyfi Valley
  • Mold Cape back on display
  • Good night’s sleep helps protect heart
  • Pluto’s moons named
  • Maps offer insight into UK bat distribution
  • England advance to World Hockey League quater-final
  • Bala Town celebrate European success
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