#R2BC Friday’s Good News Digest – Wonders Big & Small

Well it’s the weekend and as the small wonder of the some cheerful images like the one above made me grin the fact that the Voyager Satellite is once more expanding our understanding of the amazing universe we inhabit fills me with wonder.

Today’s Reasons to be Cheerful may be a little controversial but I feel they are important.
I hear some friends wondering that why when we see bad things reported about the Muslim Communitee why Muslims don’t speak out. Well the fact is that they do, it just tends to get under reported. So when an Imam backed by the Muslim Council of Britain speaks out about a serious issue I think it’s worth a mention. 🙂

The second one is about a new and amazing genetic IVF treatment being developed in the UK to treat rare and incureable genetic conditions. Will we need to tread carefully? Yes, but gene therapies are nothing new and the chance to cure a serious genetic disorder is something to be celebrated. 🙂

So while it may be a little wet out there the is music playing to stir the soul (hope everyone has fun at Glastonbury).
The sun is out there if you look for it. Here are some more stories I hope will raise a smile…

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