#R2BC Thursday’s Good News Digest – Square Wheel? Not a Problem

Utterly surreal Shark Wheel for Skateboards.

  • Man reinvents wheel,
  • makes it square,
  • it actually rolls better?!
  • WTF

Well another example of amazing innovation and someone following a dream to support a hobby they love.
Wierd, wonderful and made me grin so here I am sharing. 🙂

In good news for people like me who link their facebook and twitter accounts Facebook announces supports for hashtags, so another cry of support from me. 🙂

Weekend coming up fast and some very heartening news around the world. Read and smile folks.

Remember, if you come across some good news share it with me, share it with friends.
Have a friend who needs a smile, share my blog or follow me on Twitter.
Share a smile or a hug. You never know the difference that one act of kindness can have. 🙂

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