#R2BC Friday’s Good News Digest

Came across the above yesterday and was simply blown away. I had the privelege of living in Paris for a little while and the videos reminded me of some of the beautiful places I have been and also seeing a few spots it would be nice to go find.

I’ve been told that any day you learn something new or make a new friend hasn’t been wasted and it’s vision of places I have been taken with such care that remind me that there can be something new to discover even in the most familiar of places.

Todays stories have a heavy tech feel but this is in part because human ingenuity can be amazing and we live in a world of wonder.
With ancient life potentially found in Canadian mine water, & Richard III’s face on view we have a vision of the past but with improved IVF and the first interview with Commander Chris Hadfield since he returned from the ISS we are also looking forward to the future.

Have a great weekend and I hope you enjoy these little bits of good news.

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