#R2BC Monday is just another day & today it makes me smile

As I found out last week, sometimes looking for the good news out there can be very hard. You end up wading hip deep through some of the worst horrors in the world. Sometimes things aren’t that bad, it’s just the language that pulls us to the darkness and asks us not to recognise the kindness, bravery, joy and positives that are often all around us.

After a solid weekend of spending time amongst family & friends and the press frenzy of the last week it is great to start the week of with some genuinely joyous news. The London marathon showed respect to the tragedy in Boston but also gave us thousands of heroes none less than Mike Ellicock raising £20 000 for charity and finishing in an incredible 3hrs 25 minutes carrying an 18 kg rucksack. Makes my burdens feel just a little lighter. 🙂

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