Dum Spiro Spero

#Reasons2BCheerful “While I breath, I hope.” It’s a times like this on days like this that finding something positive to lock on to can be the most important thing in the world. Looking through news feeds for positive stories it can feel like incredibly hard work when all there seem to be are articles and updates about explosions and acts of cruelty around the world. But perspective is an important thing.

Listening to the BBC Radio 2 breakfast show I couldn’t help feeling a sense of frustration at listening to twee stories as the DJ trawled trying to find cheerful human interest stories. One of the key things for me is to try and make sure that what I post here are genuine news stories , that in many cases may go unnoticed.

My heart goes out to everyone in Boston, and I am grateful that friends and family are safe and that one of the men I respect the most proposed to his long term girlfriend and she said yes. I give thanks for the fact that with several devices having been planted that toll wasn’t a lot worse. And for me one of the heroes in this is google, when lots of people ran around reporting the horrors they set up a Person Finder Page so that friends and family could find out what had happened to loved ones.

So if you have news or are looking PLEASE give this link a signal boost to help give people peace of mind: Person Finder Page

Okay in other hope bringing news…

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