Sometimes Monday seems to be the hardest work

Well back to the grind stone they say, but after a weekend away with the guys from the Tamworth Phoenix I can’t help grinning. I’m sore but smiling at spending time with brothers and making new friends. However, while I was away the world didn’t stop turning and looking at the news we seem to be making progress to a better place for us all.

Here in the UK the week is likely to be full of controversy but when you find the US and China working together, the Gun debate in the US showing that politicians can find common ground at least on mental health and now Somalia (so long a source of suffering and piracy) looking like it has a chance to climb back into the light with the help of the IMF I can’t stop being full of optimism. I hope that these stories help you find the same.

If you find a story that makes you smile, or brings you joy make sure you share it with someone. May be not me, but good news is always worth sharing at least once.

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“We are all of us in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” Oscar Wilde

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