Brave New World

I started looking at #R2BC or Reasons To Be Cheerful a little while ago in hope of combating the sheer tidal wave of negative that modern media seems determined to throw at me. Radio, TV and internet, no one is allowed to make a mistake anymore, public figures have to be perfect and even positive stories seem doomed to be raked for possible controversy or highlight even the smallest dark shadow into a dark cloud.

In life it’s very easy to expect someone else to fix a problem because it’s too big or feel that something isn’t worth fighting for. Well I decided in this small way that I would try and put some sunshine into people’s lives. So here is some good news that you may not have heard about.

Listening to the Unicef report on Radio 4 this morning it’s great to be reminded that the terrible teens we see on the news and in drama shows are very much the exception, not the rule. Happy Hump Day folks 😀

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